What does the initial consultation involve?

Your chiropractor will begin your first consultation by taking a full and detailed case history. Then you will be given a Orthopaedic and neurological exam and the movement of your spine and joints will be checked.

If x-rays are necessary to assist the diagnosis, some practitioners will use their own equipment, while others will use the facilities of the local hospital. All British Chiropractic Association chiropractors are trained and qualified to take and interpret x-rays.

How is the treatment given?

Chiropractors use their hands to adjust the joints of your spine and limbs where signs of restrictions in movement are found, improving mobility and relieving pain. Your body's own healing process (which we normally recognise in its ability to heal bruises, cuts and broken bones) will then be able to get on with the task of improving your health. This treatment is known as 'adjustments' or 'manipulations'.

By manipulating joints, chiropractors stimulate the proprioceptors - your body's position sensors which provide feedback to the brain on where the joint is in relation to the rest of the body. This stimulation can affect the way your nervous system works. Depending on where the nerve irritation has occurred in your spine.

Is chiropractic treatment suitable for me?

Chiropractic treatment is suitable for everyone, including newborn babies, the elderly, pregnant women and sports enthusiasts. Once you are better, your chiropractor will help you maintain your health by offering exercise and lifestyle advice for you to follow in the future.

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